November 5, 2022

While attending the SCBWI conference in Charlotte, guess who I FINALLY got to meet in person? My very own illustrator, Samantha Bell! What a treat and special time we had together. Samantha and I discussed our current project, The Alligator’s Red Shoes, and we are working diligently to have it published prior to the holidays. Samantha is an accomplished author and illustrator having written or illustrated over 100 books! Check out her website sometime, especially if you are a young artist and are looking for tips and helpful hints. Samantha was gracious and signed 10 of my books and there will be more news regarding this VERY soon and you will not want to miss this announcement.

The Toucan will be flying to Charleston, SC in December for a Meet the Author event at Lambs Elementary and there are plans in the works for another event in Georgia. I am looking forward to seeing my Carolina friends! I still have time available for November bookings so all you teachers and friends of teachers out there, please contact me asap!

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