October 31st, 2022

The Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) recently held their annual conference in Charlotte, NC. I was fortunate that my schedule allowed me to attend this year and what a great conference it was! Meeting other authors and aspiring authors was a tremendous experience. Learning everything about plotting and pacing and tension and queries to building your brand and online presence and so much more. I am still digesting all the notes I took and will be incorporating them into solid lessons to use as I continue to write for children. My book was available in the conference bookstore and there was an autograph party after dinner! I had the opportunity to chat with Matt Myers, an accomplished author/illustrator, and discuss the illustrative process.

The breakout sessions were conducted by noted authors, illustrators, editors and agents. Each provided their own very unique perspectives pertaining to the publishing journey. My journey is not the “traditional” journey. Heck, my whole life has not been typical, but that is another story altogether. However, the industry has changed and there are now many different paths to publication and you must decide what fits your plan and goals. I really cannot express here how all of you have impacted my journey thus far. More info to follow as Samantha and I continue to work on The Alligator’s Red Shoes. Stay tuned!

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