The Books


April 5th, 2023 . Hey Jim! Where can I get a copy of your awesome children’s book, “The Sneezing Toucan“?

I am so glad you asked! I would be thrilled to send you an autographed copy and will even dedicate it as you wish! You can purchase the book online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. and other online retailers or just contact me at and I will get your dedicated and signed copy out to you today!

Meeting new friends in Cottageville, SC
My wonderful illustrator, Samantha Bell, who brought the Toucan to life!

In September of 2022, “The Sneezing Toucan” was reviewed and accepted into the Wake County Library System! It was a thrilling day for me and the Toucan!

Launch Day, May 8th, 2021 at high noon. We went live and introduced “The Sneezing Toucan”!


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