January 9th, 2021

Happy New Year! I guess I am about 8 days late but better late than never! I sincerely hope that the new year finds us all in a better place. I would love to hear from more of you and please tell your friends and family about the website and the upcoming publication of The Sneezing Toucan!

Last night we watched the final Jeopardy episode with Alex Trebek. Certainly seemed like the end of an era. Final Jeopardy is still available to be viewed on the example page. Several new poems were added over the last few weeks. Larry D was written for a Navy shipmate. His lovely wife commissioned the poem and I was certainly honored to write. Being a Navy veteran, I wait each college football season for the traditional Army-Navy game. Please read the The Land vs The Sea in tribute to this Fall classic. A number of years ago, I wrote The Eternal Salute and posted it to Facebook. I know many of you may have seen it there, but I felt it needed to be here and have placed it under the military section. The Empty Saddle was written in memory for the Reverend Paul Dupree. My sincere condolences to Miss Carole and their entire family.

It seems I have been writing a number of memorials lately and that certainly gives me pause. Life is short no matter how long you are here on earth. Whether you are here for a short time or a long time, it’s still too short. A high school friend of mine named Mark writes every Wednesday on Facebook, it’s Hump Day! I love his positive attitude and we should all be grateful for each day and make the most of it. Caring for others in word and thought and certainly in deeds, is what Mark tells us each week and I, for one, welcome the reminder.

Finally, The Sneezing Toucan is moving forward as Miss Samantha continues her work on the illustrations. So, please stay tuned and check out the toucan drawing submissions on the Children’s Book tab! If you like to draw, paint, doodle, then grab a pencil or pen or brush and get busy! Grab your children, grandchildren, aunts and uncles and anyone else you can think of and submit those toucan drawings!

Thanks to those who commissioned me this past month and I will look forward to more in the future. May 2021 be your best year! Be like Mark and lend a helping hand to those in need and make the most of each day. Remember, if you have a wedding, birth announcement or any other special occasion, I would be honored to write for you!

Till next time,


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