November 9th, 2020

Hello Again! This is blog number 2. I don’t know how many blogs it takes until you become an official blogger, so I guess I will keep going and find out!

I cannot thank you enough for your overwhelming support of! Since the countdown and launch date, there have been almost a thousand views and visitors from Germany, Finland, Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Australia and China. Who knew? I even have a few followers now and I really appreciate that!

I wanted to update all of you on the progress of The Sneezing Toucan. Samantha Bell has started her drawing process and boy is it a process!  First, all the sketching has to be done and then once preliminary ones are approved, then it moves to the coloring process.  From there, as I understand it, she transfers those to a different paper and then a watercolor process.  Once that is complete, they are scanned and digitized and pending final approvals, will head to the publisher! Whew!  So, we have a timeline for the end of January to have the illustrations complete.  I have posted on the Children’s Book page a few more examples.  I am beyond excited and cannot wait to share the book with you!

I just finished writing a poem in memory of Alex Trebek.  If you are a friend of mine on FB then you may have already seen it.  The title is Final Jeopardy.  You can find it on the example page.  There have been well over a hundred downloads of the examples and I am waiting for my first request through the website.  So, if you have a special occasion that you would like a rhymes4life poem for, please let me know! 

I guess that’s it for blog number 2.  Please share my website with your friends and family and follow me and this blog to receive updates on the publishing process. 

Till next time,


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