July 27th, 2021

Hello Toucan Nation! How is your summer going? Vacation to the beach or mountains or some foreign country? We managed a couple days off and went to Carowinds and got a little wet and wild. Harper was tall enough to ride a few coasters and I think that girl will be riding quite a few more in the future. As for Boppa, he stayed on the ground for the most part and enjoyed some awesome funnel cake!

As most of you know by now, the hardbacks came in and would you believe, I am almost out? Ya’ll are the best!! I have a great friend that I served in the Navy with and he purchased a number of them and is distributing them all over Maine and other parts unknown. Thanks Gary! Your support is just absolutely mind blowing. If I have been keeping track correctly, The Sneezing Toucan has made its way to half of the country! So, we have some work to do to make sure it flies to all 50 states. If you know folks in Alaska, Hawaii, the Dakotas, Vermont, Rhode Island, pass the word and get that book out there! On the local scene here in Raleigh, the toucan has gone mobile. Special shout out to my old high school friend Debbie and her Maui Wowi stand and my pool buddy Austin and Lina’s Grub Shack. You guys rock and I look forward to making other food truck connections. Look them up and support their business!

I am so excited to tell you about this next bit of news! As many of you know, when I did the book launch, I committed to donating to a couple of great organizations. This past week, I stopped by Read and Feed here in Raleigh. All I can say is wow. This is a great organization and I simply cannot wait to become more involved with them. Shout out to Miss Lisa who showed me around the place and those RVs. Thanks to all of you, they received a nice check along with several copies of the book. I hope to become a mystery reader soon!

In case you were wondering, I have more hardbacks on the way. So please continue to share with all your social circles, email lists, company memos, newsletters and any other forms of communication you may have. Also, if you have a picture of your son, daughter, niece, nephew, granddaughter, grandson or friend or neighbor, that is reading The Sneezing Toucan, I would love to post it here on the site! Who knows, maybe a best picture with a caption could land you a free copy of the book!

That’s all for now. Check the Children’s Book tab for order information. So much more is coming down the road and rest assure that I will be keeping you updated as fast as I can. According to the publisher, I have sold well over 100 online and that means I should have over 100 reviews! Thanks to all of you who have taken a moment and left a few words. I sincerely appreciate it! According to a teacher in Florida “It would be great to use as an example of the use of rhyming in our poetry unit and also during our persuasive writing unit. I think it will keep the students interested from beginning to end and make them smile too.” Now that makes ME smile!

Until Next Time,


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