March 22, 2021

Time is flying by again and here we are pushing the end of March and Easter right around the corner. It seems like I wake up and another week has just blown right on by. My granddaughter Harper just turned nine! NINE! She is getting harder and harder to keep up with. Between skateboards, rollerblades, jet cars, bicycles and an electric minibike, she is constantly on the go. No wonder when her head hits the pillow at night, she is out like a light. I still remember the first day she crawled up the stairs in our house in Alabama. I should have guessed then what was coming down the road.

Also coming down the road is The Sneezing Toucan! The publisher has sent back the galleys to review and Samantha and I are making adjustments as needed. This is just another step in the publishing process. Once the final galleys are approved, then they will be sent to the printers and then we will set a launch date! Does anyone know of a giant inflatable toucan? Each day brings me one step closer to the reality of having a published children’s book and I am so excited about sharing it with you.

Do you want to see some toucans? Holy Cow, or I mean holy Toucan Sam! I almost lost my Fruit Loops! Check out the submittal page and you will see what I mean. We have surpassed the 100 mark thanks to our friends at Dixon Road Elementary and their art teacher, Miss McIsaac! The kids did a great job using markers, crayons, pencils and paint! So a special shout out to all the Dragonflies and their incredible staff led by Mr. Bennett! I look forward to the day when I can share The Sneezing Toucan with all of you in person!

I recently had the privilege of writing for a friend of mine whose daughter was turning eighteen and getting ready to graduate from high school. What made this special was eighteen years ago I wrote a birth poem for Miss Lucy Grace and here she is, eighteen years later and getting ready to leave the nest. Thank you so much Heidi for asking me to write for such a special occasion. You can see Lucy Grace on my bio page where I share Rhymes4Life pictures. Also, in my last blog, I wrote about Johnny Major Hill, an Army Ranger, who had passed away at the age of almost 99. I wrote Valor in his honor and now you can see the poem here on the Examples page. I hope to shake his hand one day and thank him for his service and his sacrifice on behalf of this nation.

So, what’s your story? What are your dreams? I encourage you to chase them. Despite all that has happened this past year, there is always hope. Hope springs eternal they say and Spring has certainly sprung. We have been planting bulbs over the last few years and about this time, they are fighting their way through the soil. They are reaching, stretching, and growing each day until they finally kiss the sun and burst open in an array of incredible blooms. I don’t know what kind of flowers you have, but I hope you see their beauty and take time to smell them. Just make sure no bees are in there when you do.

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